Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get this!

I think everyone should get themselves one of these wonderful things.
It's a villaware crepe maker, we got it as a wedding gift and use it all the time. You dip the top into the batter tray and let it cook for a few minutes. Simple as pie and super delicious when made into sandwiches or fruit crepes. It's what we had for dinner last night. Yay!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coffee table

Guess what we did last night?!

John mentioned that he wanted to stain the coffee table after puppy class, the same coffee table that has been sitting in the living room un-finished for almost a year; I didn’t even have to beg him!
Last night we rubbed stain on and hopefully by the end of the week John will spray the stain on to match the tones of the end tables he built a few years ago.
I’ll need to order a piece of glass for the table which isn’t as easy now since I don’t work at Wasatch Cabinet anymore. There I’d just place the order and the glass company would deliver it to work and my company would just take it out of my check. Now it involves us actually going to the company, oh the agony!

I’m so excited to have it done and hopefully that means John will start working on the computer desk soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mailbox garden

I ordered a mailbox garden from Direct Gardening back in June, but with it being summer and all they couldn't ship it. I finally got the order last Thursday so John and I got to work.
This is what we started with:
We replaced the mailbox in May of 2009 and I've wanted to put in a flower garden ever since.

Thursday night we moved the rocks, but it got dark fast so we had to call it quits.
The kit came with 1 Blue Light Clematis 

3 Stella D'Oro Daylilies

3 Hardy Blue Geraniums 

and 24 Creeping Red Sedum 

Supposedly these flowers can handle the harsh conditions of being next to the road, I guess only time will tell.
They were also having a good deal in tulips back in June, but I didn't go too crazy and only bought one kind. They're called Gavota tulips, very pretty.

Direct gardening is also very cool and you get free gifts with your purchases. I think I'm going to order for fall shipping more often because for once they sent me stuff for our zone so I don't have to dig it up in the winter. Bouquet tulips, grape hyacinths, and windflowers

So here's what the mailbox looks like now:
Of course it'll look different once the flowers bloom, but I think it's already an improvement over the rocks.

I ordered 300 crocus bulbs for the parking strip so we can get started on taking out the rest of the rocks. We'll need to add a sprinkling system (the mailbox garden gets watered from the main lawns system) and the rocks will be finding a new home on the side of the house. Just a few more projects before winter hits!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's happening at Casa Del Voshell

• John is working super crazy hours again. 12 hours a day Monday – Friday, 8 hours Saturday and possibly 8 on Sunday if they need it. It’s mandatory and no complaining, not that John would anyway. I guess we should be thankful because usually they’re cutting the hours at his work around this time.

• We’re getting quotes for the vinyl fence supplies. We’d like it put in before winter hits, but with John’s crazy hours this might be a challenge. Might have to bribe the folks to help.

• We have to rip out the bush by the side of the house in the next couple of weeks since we’re moving the fence up closer to the front of the house. No one is looking forward to this…

• 4 more weeks of puppy classes for Winston, they’re going okay. Not a huge fan of the trainer since she goes off on random tangents about her own dogs taking up 30 minutes of our hour class. I’ll be asking for a new trainer for the next classes.

• Going to the Bob & Tom comedy show on the 27th. John listens to them every morning and wants to go and I love a good laugh.

• Planning a possible Dana trip for October. It would/will be good to see her. I’m always missing that girl and her dog like crazy!

• A maybe, possibly, could happen, All-inclusive Mexican Resort for our December anniversary is in the beginning planning stages. I think it’s pretty much a go, we just have to decided what resort out of the 35,000 they have there that we want to go to.

That's about it for now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

loaded to the gills

This past labor day weekend was pretty jam packed with events which makes for a really good weekend!
John left Friday night with his sister and her “boy”friend to stay the night at his grandparents so that they wouldn’t have to drive far for their hike up the Aspen Grove trail. A trail I can’t take unless it’s with other slow hikers because I’d probably die of an asthma attack from the elevation climb, steepness and not enough rests so I’ve never gone. One day though I’d like to make it up…slowly.

John took Makoa since I didn’t want my hands full with 4 dogs, 2 of which are puppies, by myself for the night. Makoa loves when we pull out his little backpack, that means he gets to go someplace super fun with special treats (the only time he gets wet food is on long hikes, since it makes me want to gag, but it’s full of good things for hiking).

John said that Makoa did really well on the hike especially since it was 3 miles longer than last year since they didn’t slide down the snow field. But Makoa was really tired coming down and whenever they’d stop to rest Makoa would lie down and have to be called to come once they started down the trail again.
Once home all Makoa wanted to do was lie down. He’d find the closest dog bed to get comfy in and it usually took some persuading to go outside or downstairs. His foot pads were a little torn up, so he walked pretty gingerly around the house, but luckily dog’s feet heal quickly. By Monday night he was back to his old self and was playing with Winston for the first time since Winston came into our family.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00AM to take Pup Pup to the airport since he had to be there at 6:00AM. I knew where I was going unlike when we took Enna for the first time and the process is usually quick so I thought I’d be back in my bed by 6:30AM at the latest. Nobody told the billing machine at the cargo hub though and it decided that it needed to be broken and printing in Chinese, literally. This is a story for another day and I’m waiting for pictures from Pup’s new owners before I post about it.
Around 10:00AM my friend, Mindy, invited me to brunch at Ruth’s Diner so that ate up a little of my day. The rest was spent vegging out on Red box movies and waiting for my men to come home from their hike.

Sunday morning Enna and I met up with Mindy, her boyfriend and his sister to go hiking in the Uinta’s with our dogs. I don’t know if the Uinta’s is really off-leash friendly, but there weren’t any signs stating that they couldn’t be, so we felt safe.
The hike was beautiful, breath taking and fantastic. It was so wonderful that we’re thinking of going on another 7 hour hike this weekend using the same trail head. It really was the highlight of my weekend and I know Enna loved it since she hasn’t been off leash since April. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking her when she was pregnant and getting ran into by other dogs and then once she had the puppy I didn’t want her picking up something dangerous on her coat and bringing it home to a young puppy. It really was nice girl bonding time.

Monday, we woke up early again and headed up to Solider Hollow for the sheep dog trials. This is our second year going and we really enjoy it. Watching those dogs work is really amazing and the food served is really good.
After the sheep dogs we went to my parents for a BBQ and croquet playing. It was a nice end to a great weekend and I’m excited for next.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You'll have to come get me from the mental hospital, I've checked myself in.

I wake up at 6AM to crying puppies in the office next to our bedroom, their inner alarm clocks suck. Since there is no way to sleep through that noise and moving them downstairs is a lot of work just for an extra hour of sleep I get up.

The pups scream for an extra 5 minutes while I go about my morning business of going to the bathroom, disarming the alarm and lifting the Charlie bar in the sliding glass door. Opening the office door leads to a an unpleasant smell, Pup Pup (who will be called Kuma by his new owners) has pooped in his crate meaning it will require a good scrubbing before I leave for work. Sighing, I let them out and everyone runs to the back door.

The sprinklers are one, great, wet dogs. Makoa has taught everyone how to stick their face in the sprinklers to get drinks so faces, bellies and legs become very wet.
After separating Pup and Winston for the 10th time I hold Pup so Winston will finally go to the bathroom. Once everyone is empty the older dogs stay outside, Pup goes into Winston’s crate (his is dirty, remember) and Winston gets his breakfast in the bathroom while I take a shower.
Winston spills entire bowl of food all over the bathroom floor, pulls down my bathrobe and tries to rip shower curtain off the rod. My shower is really quick.

I walk into my bedroom with Winston following me, he proceeds to poop on the carpet. I’m in a towel so I can’t rush him outside, I’ll end up flashing my smoker neighbors with the 4 foot fence. Nothing I can do, but let him finish pooping so I grab some paper towels to clean it up. Winston tries to help clean it up and jumps on my hand holding the paper towel, smearing the poop into the carpet. Winston is put in his crate and Pup is removed.
I scrub out Pup Pup’s crate so I can put him back in and get ready for work in peace. All the puppies are back in their crates and screaming loudly and I think to myself, “Please smoking neighbors, don’t call animal control on me!”

I sweep up Winston's food and the older dogs come inside to get their breakfast while I empty and load the dishwasher. Scream, cry, bark, whine comes from the office.
I start to dry my hair while Makoa vomits up all the water he drank from the spinklers plus some of his breakfast. Luckily the hair dryer soothes the puppies so they stop crying for 15 minutes.
I clean up the vomit while my hair straightener heats up, the puppies start screaming again. I think to myself, “Life will be a little calmer once Pup heads to his new home…hopefully!”

I finish getting ready for work and while making the bed I realize that I hear silence, the puppies have finally cried themselves out. Too bad it’s going to be short lived, the older dogs are then moved into their crates in the office and the puppies start screaming again. It doesn’t matter anymore, I’m leaving for work!

With this and last night fiasco while I was by myself most of the night (not even going to get into that, let’s just say I can’t wait until Pup leaves) I really am starting to wonder why I prefer dogs to children…