Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little project still seem to take a long time

Just because we could, John added cubbies in our bedroom. This was started around January and he needed access through the coat closet to do so.
This is what it looked like soon after he demoed and started putting them together:

Since John had to re-do the coat closet anyway I showed him something I found on Pinterest that I loved that I thought would help us in the winter time.
We have a coat problem, every coat in the winter doesn't get put away. It either gets draped across the couch or over a kitchen chair where they keep collecting until guests are coming over. I'm sure I'm not alone in this scenario because it's a real drag to put the coats away on a hanger. I'm sure everyone has seen this pin, but in case not here you go!
(This picture is from The Real Housewives of Riverton blog, since the original pin is corrupt)

Once John closed off the wall again the closet looked like this:
  Pretty boring I know. It sat like that while he worked on the cubbies in the bedroom.

 Here he is adding the molding around the cubbies. I don't know if I ever said anything, but that plug underneath was about 3 feet to the right when we bought the house. When I got the mirror for my birthday a few years ago I wanted it hung RIGHT THERE, but didn't want to loose a precious outlet so John moved it for me. Isn't he just the best?

Anywho...John finished the cubbies quickly and this is how they look now:
We store our huge collection of colognes and perfumes in the cubbies to clear off the dresser.

Then the poor closet sat and sat and sat because John just doesn't like the mud and sheet rock :) I finally convinced him to start again. 
John made the molding himself and we got the hooks from Ikea since the price was much better than Lowe's.

There are still a few things that John would like to finish up, like a new 6 panel door and new hardware, but here is the closet with the coats and cleaning supplies moved back in.

We now have extra hangers for our regular clothes and enough coat hooks for guests that come over in the winter. I love how it turned out and its nice to have the cleaning supplies hung up so they don't fall over every time I reach in.

I'm also so excited to announce that my craft room is in the works. This was just a pipe dream for me this year, but it's happening! John moved almost everything out of the room, except for my sewing machine since I'm still using that almost daily. Once we get back from The Big Apple we'll move the rest out and tear out the carpet. I'm still trying to decide on the perfect flooring for the room, but here's a sneak peek of the bamboo counter that John brought home for the room!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Photo weirdness

So I'm sure you've noticed that my pictures are showing up as gray boxes. This has something to do with my photo site and too many views to the photos. They explained that after too many views I run out of "data" and either have to wait for my account to renew monthly or pay to have more "data". 
Since my blog's photo capacity is full I'm looking at how to fix this problem. 

I do have a post all written up and waiting in the wings, but it's no good without pictures! I hope to have this fixed soon!