Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work has started again

On the basement hallway that is. I think John got burned out and it didn't seem fun anymore, but now its all sheet rocked and ready to be mudded.

I think he got motivated again because we started talking about a wet bar/fish tank idea that we want to do in the family room down stairs, John wanted to start building the cabinets for it right away but I told him that he needed to finish the hallway first :) I'm such a buzz kill.

Hopefully it will be done in a few weeks but it looks like we'll be living at Lowe's again, we're on first name bases with most of the checkers.

Now I'm off to go dream of ginormous saltwater tanks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nelson Labs walks to raise money for breast cancer

The company I work for is walking to raise money for breast cancer on Oct. 10th and John, I and the dogs are going to praticipate. If you'd like to join my team or help meet my personal goal of donating $100 please click on the link below.

The NelsonHope Committee is seeking your participation in our next activity. We will be participating in “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,” a benefit walk for the American Cancer Society. The details are as follows:

• When: Saturday, 10 Oct 2009 – Registration: 8 a.m. – Event Start: 9 a.m.
• Where: Liberty Park & Nearby Neighborhood 600 East 1000 South, Salt Lake City
• What: A non-competitive ~4-mi. walk
• Who: Employees, family members and friends

The purpose of the walk is to raise as much money as we can to benefit the fight against breast cancer. We need your help to bring in donations to reach our goal of $1000 and show support by participating in the walk.

Please join us to help the fight against breast cancer, tell your friends/family to sign up by clicking Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Utah! Team - NelsonHope and choosing “Join our team."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sophi's cat tree

We bought Sophi a cat tree so she could be in the same room with us without getting attacked by the dogs. It was a really good deal and we got it from, we did have to assemble it ourselves but we had it up in about 15 minutes.
Before I had even put the first pieces together she crawled into the house and was making herself at home. (sorry the pictures are so bad, they're from my cell phone)

She loves the little hammock that it came with, I do wish it was a little higher up so the dogs couldn't stick their noses in there to bug her.

She played and slept on it for hours last night and she must really like it because she already broke the two toys that hang on it. I'll have to find more Sophi proof toys now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A new member of our family

So very out of the blue John and I decided to get another dog.
Our new friend and other AKK owner, Dana, texted me on the 20th of August saying that Heart of Texas (our breeder) had a 6 month old, red and white male for sale on their website. So out of curiosity we got online to see and emailed the breeder. It turns out that our breeder sold him to another breeder in Colorado to be a breeding dog but because he was a Cryptorchid(only dropped one testicle) he couldn't be bred and in Colorado they can only have 6 breeding dogs an she was at her limit. Well curiosity turned into interest pretty quickly and after a couple hours of emailing back and forth we had decided that we wanted to buy him. So this is all Dana's fault :) but it's a good fault and we're very happy that Makoa's a part of our lives now.

The picture that stole our hearts:

We drove to Colorado Friday the 4th to pick him up, we stayed at the breeders house for about 3 hours on the 5th just talking and letting him get use to us and then got ready for the ride home.
For most of the trip John sat in the back seat with him and he was very shy with us. He didn't want to get out of the car the few times we stopped and didn't really want to walk on the leash. I was pretty nervous that he was going to have a hard time adjusting to us.
we stopped at John's parents house to pick up Enna and let them get to know each other on neutral ground. Well Enna loved him immediately, she was jumping all over him wanting him to play. He wasn't too sure about her.
We took them both home and let him walk around the house and play in the back yard together. He did much better with Enna at home and started playing with her and coming up to us.

Now that its been a few days with him we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Enna and Makoa love each other, they have really similar personalities (except he's a little more people friendly) and he's really starting to bond with us. He has taken a real liking to John and whines when John leaves the room, its really sweet.

I think we're set on pets for a while now, but he's a gem and I'm glad Dana texted me that day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy one year!

Well originally this post was going to be how we've been in our house a year and have past and present pictures of what we've done to the house but then a poopy head burglar had to jack my lop top and camera.

So that was our one year present, we got the joy of some creep rummaging through our stuff and stealing our possessions on August 25th, oh yay!!

Pretty funny though, John was cleaning up some stuff today and realized that the crook stole our bin where we keep our change (he/she probably got a a whole whopping $2.00. whoa, dream big!) and one of John's colognes. I'm pretty pissed because the change bin was freaking cute, it had some medicine's mascot on it (a big blue fuzzy monster) how am I going to get that back? *update: they didn't steal the bin, whoo hoo!* John finds it very amusing, I guess the bandit was feeling pretty stinky after rifling through our stuff he needed to spray himself with some Armani Code.

So if you see some thug out and about carrying my blue change bin and smelling of the awesomeness that is Armani Code punch him/her in the nose for me. :)

I'll probably still do the "We've been in our house for a year" post but I'll need to wait for a lap top and camera to do so since the outlaw made off with my previous ones.

*I found it amusing to use different words for robber through out this post, I think it really shows off my intellect, don't you think?