Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday - Sophi

Two years ago John gave me little Sophi, sometimes I wish she was back to kitten size and personality because she was just the cutest kitten ever.

I love Sophi even though she drools when she purrs, bites me whenever the mood strikes her and is a klepto.(how can you not love that cute face?)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

family pictures

We got our family pictures back from Opie Foto, here are some of my favs.

I thought how she did our CD case was pretty cool so I wanted to share it. The colors are a little off becuase of my camera.

I highly recommend her if you're in need of a photographer.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Das Boot

no I'm not going to travel on a German WWII sub, I just did the unthinkable and bought snow boots. Dont everyone fall off their computer chairs all at once, it was for a good cause. The pups. Even though I DESPISE the snow to no end the pups love it, so I took one for the team and bought snow related shoes to be out with them.

See they're not terribly ugly so I think I'll live with them. Let me tell you I sure had a heck of a time picking some out.

I first started at (oh I'm an avid online shopper, just ask John) and found THE perfect boot, but I didn't buy them then and they went up in price by $20 the next day. le sigh. Since I couldn't bring myself to pay $60 + shipping I went to Target.
I then proceeded to stand in the boot isle for 10 minutes and proclaim to everyone in hearing distance that "I dont like ANY of these!" (the trip was not a waste though, I bought a Christmas ornament and a hair straightener) so it was back to the drawing board and searching online. Sears saved me with these little gems.

I had two priorities when buying snow boots:
*had to be somewhat cute (because how cute can snow boots be, really?)
*had to be able to tuck my jeans in them since wet pants make me furious

No this doesn't mean I'll go snow shoeing, sledding, snow ball fighting or any other snow related activity with you, these are only for the dogs! Tanner Park here we come!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost wordless wednesday

This pictures helps me not want to kill him, good thing he's so dang cute!

Anyone want a dog?

He's cute, good with other dogs, really smart and loyal, he just has one tiny little problem:

I'm not really giving him up but, Makoa, the Demon Chewer from Hell, decided that staying in his crate yesterday just wasn't on his agenda. Somehow he pulled a side down, I have no idea how he did this since it takes a lot of time and fighting on my part to get the walls to go down.

His little mouth is so strong he can bend the bars on his crate!

I'm just not sure what to do with him! Even metal wont hold the little beast! He did about $300 worth of damage with 4 pairs of shoes, scriptures, the comforter and other odds and ends.