Saturday, June 14, 2014

New carpet

We hadn't planned on getting new carpet this year or even next, but when the guestroom flooded and there was no way I was going to try to save carpet I hated we decided to buy some.
We lived on bare floors for about a week and the night before the carpet was going to be put in we moved all the furniture out of the master bedroom and family room. The guestroom was still empty from the flooding. Almost everything got piled into the office.

The installer came about 8AM and finished about noon. Of course I had buyers remorse at first because that's just my nature. The lady at the carpet place said to always go darker than you think because A) the carpet will look lighter in bigger pieces and B) it'll last longer since it'll hide stains better.
I really wanted a lighter color, but took her advice and went with my second choice. I wasn't a fan when it was put into the family room, but it has grown on me and I finally like it now. It will be good with three dogs and a cat.

Here are the befores and afters pictures of the rooms...while i was trying to find before pictures, I realized you don't really ever take pictures of carpet...:
 A sampling of the new carpet

The guestroom with the cream carpet that came with the house

The speckled brown carpet now, my favorite room with the new carpet.

This is an old picture, but the before the the family room.

 The family room was so hard to get a good picture of so finally I turned to lights off and used the flash on phone. It's the most accurate of what the carpet looks like in the family room now. The picture above the couch is one we got from Tai Pan Trading. We just went there one day on a whim and that picture was on sale for $50. 
I bought those cute little canvases of the dogs from canvas discount, if you need canvas pictures I highly suggest them.

 Our master bedroom before. The carpet was cheap, matted, wasn't pulled tight enough, and Makoa chewed a couple holes through it so it was nice to have it replaced.

The new carpet is so nice, but we still have so much to do on the house still. The list just seems to get longer and longer.