Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New items

So I went on a buying spree and bought some new items for downstairs.

First up some old candles with a new coat of paint to spice them up:

Next are some cute bears that go by the fireplace downstairs:

A little wooden train that doesn't have a real home yet, but its probably going to go in the living room:

Three bears that are going to live in the guest room when its finished:

And lastly an adorable sign for the bathroom downstairs:

Is anyone guessing our theme yet?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going back to school

My transcrips weren't evaluated in time so I wont be going back to school until the spring. Looking at the bright side, now I will have extra money to spend on christmas presents...or not :)

I dont know why but I've kept the info that I'm going back to school in the fall hush hush, I guess its because I dont think I got on the ball soon enough and I'm worried that my transcripts wont be reviewed soon enough or the class I want will be full.

But yes, my plan is to go back to school in the fall for interior design. It is an Associates of Arts degree and I'm all but done with all the classes you have to take to get it. As of right now I just need to finish my foreign language and take figure drawing (yes that is drawing naked people...yay), but thats just to get Associates of Arts. I dont know if Interior Design tacks on some extra things, I need to go talk to someone.

So next month I should be in school,that is IF I can get the stupid "My Page" thing with SLCC to work! It is so not user friendly at all! I'm trying to see if I can register for classes yet but the button SLCC home page is telling me to click on is no where on the page! SIGH! If I'm not smart enough to work the "My Page" page then maybe I'm not smart enough to go back to school!

I think its time to set up an appointment with an acedemic advisor, maybe s/he will do all the registering for me. One can only hope.

Right now I'm VERY excited to go back for interior design. I feel like thats a career I can truely be happy with because it envolves my 3 favorite things: shopping, decorating and spending other people's money :) I'm also hoping that it would mean that I could have my own business one day and set up my own schedule to work around the kids.

Now its time to set aside the money to pay for school I dont think we'll have any expensive home projects for a while.

Elephant foot

happens to be the name of this plant:

and I want it!

There is one sitting on my new desk at work and I've liked it from day one. Doesn't it just look like a mini palm?

Now I just have to think of where I'd put it since I have 4 house plants already and I have to put it where I'd remember to water it so it didn't die. hmmmm.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Almost there

The basement hallway is getting there. John, his dad, brother and cousin helped him do some sheet rocking today and after a few set backs they got most of it done.

This picture is to show how dark the hallway was without lights even in the middle of they day. The light coming out of the living room is from the fish tank, with that off it was really dark. We also replaced the doors, if you noticed, for a more updated look.

I am loving the lights! I think thats my favorite part since the height of the ceiling before didn't affect me :)

Here's a view of the new ceiling and a can light, it doesn't have it's decorative trim around it yet.

Here's the laundry room part, we still need to put up doors to the laundry room that we took out almost a year ago.

So now we (John) just need to finish putting up the door way sheet rock pieces and patch some of the holes, mud, prime and paint. I'm guessing it will take another couple of weeks. After this I'm thinking we wont do another big project for a while, this tested a lot of people's patience.

We are going to finish the guest room soon though, but that's nothing major. My sister needs a place to sleep while my parents go out of town....well I guess she could just sleep on the floor.... naw we'll be nice :).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Pictures

Gesh it's been a while since I've been on here! I've just had nothing to post. John's not done with the basement, I'd like to say he's close, but he's really not. It seems like every day he takes one step forward and two back. Right now he's downstairs building the wall that he tore out, its not big so hopefully it will be done tonight. His goal is to get it sheet rocked by sunday since we're having a BBQ to met our friend's finance.

I'm excited to say that we scheduled the day we're having our "family" pictures done! I wanted some new pictures of John and I and we (probably mostly me) want Enna to be in them. (I know Sophi is part of the family to0, but good luck trying to get her to cooperate)Opie photo ( is taking them and I just love her style, really magaziney and edgey.
I scheduled them for Oct. 25th so we can use one or two for Christmas cards, now I just have to wait for October to come so we can get them done. Stay tuned for that post even though it will be a while away.

Changing subjects, John and I decided to change Enna's diet. She's not eating her food and under weight. The food she does eat is the cheapo brand that is full of crap and I dont want her to eat it. So I've decided to make her meals now, call me crazy if you want but I've done my research and I feel like its all for the better. We've been making her meals now since Monday and she's really wolfing them down! I like to think she's put on weight already but it could all be in my head. I feel better knowing what exactly is in her food, I love that she eats all of her food and stays at her bowl (she would wounder around before never eating more than one or two bites.) On the same subject she starts her intermediate training class tomorrow and we're all excited about that.

Everyone has been asking about my new job, I am going to post something about it i'm just waiting to hear on some things first.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A couch has come

Finally we have the couch we ordered 6 weeks ago! Its bigger than I expected even though we measured out on the floor. I love it! Now we have more seating for friends and the room is looking a little more complete. Now we need to find just the right art for above to couch...maybe I can convince John to use his gift card to Cabela's to buy a nice bear picture :)