Friday, April 29, 2011


We bought the exact couches we wanted used off KSL for a steal almost 3 years ago, but I never really wanted the love seat. I always had visions of two chairs instead, but the lady wouldn’t just sell the couch which was understandable.

Finally I decided I wanted the chairs and I didn’t know what I was waiting for so my plans to sell the love seat came very quickly. I was already listing a ton of stuff on KSL so what was one more thing. For a month I got no offers, but I wasn’t too surprised. It’s not a color or size everyone wants. When I finally got an offer it was half what I was asking for. After asking some opinions of others I took the offer but was worried that I wouldn’t have all the money needed for the chairs that I wanted.

I had a whole list of chairs picked out and with the help of others and John I narrowed it down to the chairs I bought. They were on sale and no shipping so I saved $146.70! I only needed $30 more than what I was given for the love seat, so nice!
 Ignore the shock mat, Sophi keeps laying on them getting them all white furred. Also the white table in the picture is our coffee table that John needs to finish.

The first chair wouldn't go together very well and it took me an hour, once I had it in place I didn't think I liked it and was all mopey. John came home and said that he liked it and that I'd probably like it more with the other chair. He was very right. I love the chairs!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The new kitchen items

Sorry no Easter post, John and I did nothing and it was fantastic! We went to IHOP for breakfast and then grocery shopping, then I put meatloaf in the crock pot for our dinner. This evening we start P90X.

I got my kitchen goodies on Friday and I love the small changes they make.
This clock was $75, which is a pretty crazy price to spend on a clock that is plastic, but the one from Target that is 9 inches bigger and silver is $200 something so I'd have to say mine was a killer deal.
(it looked silly just having the clock in the picture, hence the cabinet) It looks so small, but it's really 20"

The wall above our table has been bare for quite a while. I wasn't sure what do to with it since the table has to sit so close to the wall and I didn't want people bumping pictures when they stood up. I found a shop that does vinyls for pretty cheap.
I love it! It came to $40 with shipping from The Sticker Hut off which really is a good deal since the one above our bed was $80 and is the same width.
When I read this saying for the first time it brought tears to my eyes so I had to buy it, I just wish I would have shopped around. I used this same company, vinyl attraction, for my other vinyls in the house too, I just recommend an Etsy shop instead since most can do custom work and it's a lot cheaper.
This was a from a stampin' up book, but you couldn't have it unless you hosted a party so I had vinyl attraction make it for me, I think it was around $40, but I can't remember.
These were also custom made and $40, way too much for little candles, but they're really cute and work well in my Asian themed bathroom.

I also started painting the bathroom yesterday and our new chairs should be here sometime this week.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new knick knack

My mom invited John and I to see Born To Be Wild at the Clark Planetarium, it was so cute even if it was only 40 minutes long. My sister now wants a  baby elephant to live in the back yard.
After the movie we meandered past the gift shop where these little glass balls caught our attention. Of course the ones we could afford were on the top shelf and us short people couldn't see them so John had to describe them to us...that was until he lost interest and started playing with the toys nearby.

I liked them so much I bought one, it represents a fireball coming from space to the earth.
Here's mine:
It came with a card describing fireballs and the ball contains ash for the 1980 Mt. St. Helen volcano eruption which I think it makes it even cooler.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bathroom paint colors

These are the paint samples for the basement bathroom.
 I think we'll be going with the color on the left, it's called Poppy Pods. It doesn't really look like it in the picture, but it's a lighter brown than the middle shade and I just like the name. Hopefully it won't be too dark :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things in the works

We have SOOO many things planned, where to start is the question. Also money is always the stopping feature.
I bought a few new big additions for the kitchen that should be coming in the next few weeks, of course all online :)
John is in the middle of finishing a coffee table and computer desk he built which will both be fantastic when he's done.
The living room will house the coffee table and we sold the love seat before I left for Cali. I never wanted the love seat, I always just wanted two chairs and I just decided that 3 years of waiting was too long. With my bonus from work and the love seat sale we'll be buying two armless chairs.

The bathroom is now ready for paint which feels amazing! It was a fast project that I didn't even have to help with. My father in law is a super hero and I am so thankful for what he did for us. Hopefully we'll be getting a new light fixture and faucet soon.

Next is the yard which will take some time and lots of money, it'll come in parts. I've called a guy to grind down the stump and we've picked out the trees we want. Dana planted Eastern Redbuds in her yard, but it was a full grown one in her neighborhood that I fell in love with.
We need to rework the sprinkling system and since we want to build up the garden area we'll start by just building up the three tree areas since pavers don't come cheap. We'll be using the dirt next to the drive way to build up the area and then buy nice top soil once the area is actually finished. 

So come back often to see all the work in progress!

*The salesperson at the garden store talked us into a Mt. Fuji flowering cherry instead. Redbuds are so pretty but won't do well where we want to plant them and are really flimsy in the wind and snow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The day that was suppose to be relaxing...

I took the day after I got back from California off work to relax from the drive and get some errands done. Enna then decided to go into heat while I was gone and I needed to get her to Texas ASAP. I thought that Wednesday would be the best since I already had it off, but it did add one more BIG thing to do on my already busy day.

John took Wednesday off too and that morning we went to the vet to get Enna's flight health papers and Sophi's updated shots, then it was off to Petsmart to get a new crate since we forgot to see if her old one would work beforehand.
That put us a half hour behind schedule, but I thought we'd be okay. We got Enna all ready and headed off for the airport.
We parked the car and waited at the baggage claim to check Enna in, after 20 minutes they told us were were in the wrong building and vaguely pointed to the direction of the building we needed to be in. We got back in the car and tried to find said building, but with things not marked well I missed the turn and had to drive all the way around the airport again. While doing this I passed a cop who had someone already pulled over. Next thing I know this cop is following me so I watched my speed, signaled and made proper stops, I still got pulled over. The cop said that I needed to remember to stay one lane away from a pulled over police car, luckily I didn't get a ticket, I think he could tell I was super stressed and pointed us in the right direction.

Still finding the building was a feat and I'm surprised that John and I didn't inflict serious harm to each other while doing so. Once hauling ourselves and Enna's crate into the building we were told that we were a half hour late and the flight was "locked out". Of course I was beyond frazzled at this point and took it out on the poor boy who informed us of this. (I later apologized for this and explained why I had my outburst)
The day ended with the Art Institute pressuring me, but I'm not going to get into that.

It was nice having Enna for one more night to say my extra goodbyes, but it just increased my anxiety and I had some really weird dreams involving not wearing pants.
It looks like Enna enjoyed having one more night with us too.
Thursday John and I tried the whole airport thing again and it went a whole lot smoother. It only took a half hour to fill out the paperwork and say our goodbyes. 
The flight was delayed 40 minutes, but Barbara (our breeder) was in constant contact with us. She called when she had Enna in the car and said she would let us know how she was doing once she got her home.
This is what she emailed me:
She is here and well.  We let her out in the yard, but had the crate on the porch with the door open so when she was done she went in by herself.  she did sit on my lap for a bit before running off to potty.  She is beautiful and looks well cared for (The best)  John says you love her more than him.

I know Enna will be well cared for and Barbara will keep me updated about everything. Just not having to deal with the breeding is a sigh of relief.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The first of many trips to California

I started off my trip to California at 4:00AM Thursday morning in my mother-in-law's car. I made really good headway until I hit snow in Elko 3 hours outside of Utah. Then from Elko to Winnemucca it was a blizzard, I was really worried that it would be like that the rest of the way, but luckily Donner's Pass was really clear. I did hit a dead stop at the end of Donner's Pass because of an accident that held me up for 20 minutes. I finally made it to Dana's house 11 hours after setting out.

Dana put together an Alaskan Klee Kai meeting group in San Francisco for Saturday. It was awesome seeing other Klee Kais! They were all mostly Enna sized so Kumo and Makoa were the biggest dogs there. It was fun swapping stories, ideas and helpful hints. It was funny when it came time to gather everyone together for a group picture, everyone had a little trouble getting their dogs back on leash. I guess it's not just Makoa who acts retarded sometimes, it's just a breed thing. They all thought my "grabber" was a smart idea and a few said that they were going to try it.
The dogs had a blast for the two and half hours we were there and I'm sad that I won't be able to hang out with these owners more often.
 This pup is Aries, nine months old. Helped that he had that red harness to label him.

 Rusty and Kumo. Rusty is a breeder's dog, he comes from my breeder.

Little Cody. He's five months old and this was his first time off leash. He was scared at first, but got better as time went on. He really started to get interested in dogs his size and would run with them.
The guy next to me is the breeder who has gotten most of his dogs from my breeder.

Dana took me to Folsom Lake, where she grew up, on Monday. Makoa loved swimming in the lake and it was such a nice day.

Too bad the dogs weren't really suppose to be off leash. I'll stop complaining about Utah's leash laws because Cali's are much worse.

The rest of the trip was spent relaxing, sleeping in and walking on the nice trails around Dana's house. It was a really nice trip and I got out of the snow for a little while. :)

The trip home was very uninteresting. No snow, no traffic, no interesting sites.

This is the view through most of Nevada. I don't know how anyone lives in Elko! Super boring.
The first interesting site, a rainbow after a light shower.

My traveling buddy wasn't really entertaining, all he did was sleep.

I've never been to Wendover. Doesn't look very big, nor exciting. I'll stick to Vegas, but this meant I was almost home!

I made it home in 9 hours and had the next day off. That's another story in and of itself.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring has sprung

The flowers that get me through winter are coming up. Ignore the weeds, I've been lazy these past few days.
 The first sign of spring, having a whole lawn full of these will really help my winter blues.

 Pretty light pink hyacinth that was added last fall. Just a little fella, but after a few years it'll be a big boy.

 First of the tulips to bloom. I'm pretty sure I planted "60 days of tulips" but I'll have to go back and check.

 My cute, tiny daffodils! I'm in love! they're so sweet and little! One stem has multiple flowers.

My new muscari bulbs. Last fall when I was planting I was thinking, "Gosh, so many bulbs! where will I put these?" I think this every fall bulb planting time and then spring comes and I wonder where all my bulbs are.

My later spring and summer bulbs are sprouting now too, I love walking my small garden to see them growing.