Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Bedding...again

You may be feeling like I bought new bedding for our bedroom about a year ago and you'd be right, I did. A piece of crap bedding set that I hated before I even got it in the mail because of the negative reviews that weren't posted until after I bought the non-returnable set.
I was finally done with it, it was falling apart so bad that the bed looked just as awful made as it did unmade.

I did want to change the color scheme in the bedroom to grey and white, but changed my mind and stayed with tan and chocolate. I picked out 8 sets I liked after looking through reviews and making sure they were machine washable and then had John narrow it down.

I really like it so let's hope it actually stands up to two people, 2 1/2 dogs (Winston can't get up on the bed yet and I hope he never does) and 1 cat. 
The hope chest in the picture is from my grandma's house, once I get around to it I'd like to reupholster the seat, paint the chest black and update the hardware. I've wanted a bench at the foot of the bed for a while and this fits perfectly, just doesn't match to well with the rest of the room right now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Enna's puppy update and the shipping debacle

It has taken a long time for Pup pup's (AKA Kuma) owners to get me pictures, I had to finally start begging. Since I'm a pictureaholic when it comes to my pets it's hard for me to realize that others aren't. But now that I have finally pictures of Pup I'll post the story of how I got him to D.C.

I told Pup's new owners that I wouldn't book a flight for him until I had their check and it was cashed, so they sent the check and I got it the night before they wanted him shipped. When John went to deposit it he got funny looks from the teller and she left to the backroom not saying a word to him.
She brought out her manager with him and they told John that the bank the cashier's check was from no longer existed and thought John was trying to pull a fast one on them. After explaining the situation to them they realized that John wasn't trying to screw them, but then worried that we might get screwed over. They tried to call the bank that bought out the no longer existing bank, but weren't having much luck since it was Thursday night and everyone on the east coast had gone home for the day. It was really crappy calling Anita, Pup's owner, to tell her that I couldn't put Pup on the plane without the check going through. She understood, but was kind of upset. I would have been too.

Friday the bank called and said that the check was okay to cash and everything was in the clear, so I started trying to book Pup's flight. With dogs being shipped you have to call the cargo department of the airline to book. You have to have the address, phone number and name of the person picking up the dog, the weight of the dog in the carrier, the flight number you want and know the airport code for the destination. You also have to have a flight health exam done by the vet and bring the papers with you when checking the dog.
Luckily I knew all this from shipping Garner and Enna to Texas, but finding an airline that did a non-stop flight that could be booked only hours before the flight was the hard part. After calling multiple airlines and being put on hold numerous times I got the flight booked and was ready to roll.

John was going hiking up the Aspen Grove Trail in Provo/Orem and to do so meant that he needed to leave the night before Pup's flight and stay the night at his grandparents. I was not happy about spending the evening alone with 4 dogs since Pup would go into a barking frenzy at Winston who would then try to play and then Makoa had to police the playing and would get into a scuffle with Winston. It was a nightmare trying to keep everyone apart, but somehow I managed. I probably lucked out and everyone just slept, but it's been so long that I don't remember since I sent him to DC September 3rd.

Saturday morning came and I had to be at the airport at 6AM so pup could get to his flight on time. I wasn't too worried since I knew how to actually get to the building and when sending Enna it only took a matter of minutes so I could back into bed in no time.
When I get there the guy behind the counter was new and the billing machine was printing in Chinese. Nice. At one point the poor boy was on 3 phones at once trying to get it to work. It was getting really hard to say goodbye to Pup Pup the longer I stood there and heard him crying in his crate. 45 minutes later he charged my card the old fashion way by running it under one of those sliding boards, I didn't know they still had those, and I was finally on my way home.

I then waited very nervously for the phone call from his new owners to say he arrived safely. He was suppose to be there at noon our time, that time came and went and I thought maybe they were driving home, then they'd call. When 2:00 rolled around I was getting nervous and tried to call all the numbers I was given to get a hold of someone to tell me this puppy was safe and no one was answering. I then started calling the airlines, but they were no help. I was in a complete tizzy by 3:30 when Anita finally called me to tell me that they had Pup pup, she said that she emailed me right after, but it went to my work email. I was just so relieved.

So I finally thought everything was hunky dorry, but then after a couple days I checked my banking account and the airlines charged me twice. Calling someone to deal with this is the most rediculous thing I have ever had to deal with and was transfered at least 8 times where I had to leave a voicemail. I still didn't get a call back the next day so I called the final number I was given where I was rudely helped by Ms. Grumpy Butt. She told me that there was nothing they could do until the billing showed up in their system which would be at least a month, I even offered to have my bank call then but that was a no go. I was furious and was going to have John call them the next day, but when he checked the banking account then we had NO charges for the airlines. I figured that I got free shipping since dealing with that airlines was such a pain and I wasn't going to call them to tell them their mistake. I did send a nasty email to the airlines complaining about the situation, but I have yet to hear back from them....

Anywho, here are pictures of Pup at 5 months old. He looks so much like his mama and I'm excited to see him grow! I'm told that I'll get more soon, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not sure why everything Klee Kai related in my life has to be so difficult! Winston's breeder is a dream to work with, but of course I never have to contact her!

Here are pictures of John and Makoa on the hike they took that day. Makoa was so exhausted after the hike that he didn't move except from dog bed to dog bed for two days.

They were almost done with the hike in this last picture. John said that everytime they stopped to rest Makoa would lay down and then when they started walking again he'd have to call Makoa a couple times to get him to stand up and continue. What a little trooper. He was also so muddy that he wasn't really white anymore, but I felt so bad for him I didn't want to make him stand in the bathtub for a bath so I let him stay dirty.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Opertion Clean-up Craft Room

I hunkered down Saturday night and cleaned up my craft room that hadn't been touched (except to put more crap in it to store) for over a year.
It really wasn't that bad since I've never been much of a "keeper of things" so it didn't take long to get it back into livable status, only about 2 hours or so while watching 28 Days.

I found the cheapo DVD player that I swore on Halloween was stolen in the last break-in, it was really just hiding under a puzzle John started years ago. John also started working on the puzzle again while I cleaned :).
I found WAY too many cable TV cords, how in the world did we get so many when we only have two TVs? What do you do with an abundance of cable cords?
I found a few dead spiders (no alive ones), less that I actually thought I would, but two big buggers that got sucked up into the vacuum. I came prepared though and was wearing long sleeves, long pants, socks and gloves, no brown recluse bites for me!
I threw away a really big bag of trash and finally vacuumed up the glass from the broken window. I gathered up all the old gaming systems, put them in their own plastic bags and posted them on KSL.

Now before you look at these pictures don't expect the best craft room you have ever seen. I don't have enough storage for all the fabric so it's still in plastic bags and I have a lot of unfinished projects that got moved to my sewing table. Yes my sewing table is a folding table, I like it and don't plan on changing it any time soon. It's easy to sew big quilts on and it's only a folding table so I don't have to be super careful on it. I'm still pleased with how the room looks now, too bad I didn't take before pictures.

Back when Makoa was going through his bad separation anxiety he chewed the corners of the couch's decorative pillow cases when we left him alone in the family room for 3.2 seconds. First order of business is to fix them and get them back on the couch. Also Winston sleeps down here because he's a loud sleeper.

I'm getting a bonus at work the end of the month and I've decided that I'm going to use some of the money to help get this room in better condition. I'm excited to get the window molding fixed, some colored paint on the walls and better storage.
Some further down the road dreams are to get a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a cute chair and side table under it. Carpet might go and be replaced with the Pergo that's in the hallway, that's only if I can beg John to do it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween we did a lot more than we usually do. My work takes Halloween very seriously so I've dressed up the last few years, but John never does. This year my friend invited us along to a radio station's Halloween party and John didn't want to be the only one not dressed up.
He borrowed his cousin's mad hatter costume and really rocked it.
 The guy next to John is 10 variations of Johnny Depp, we guessed 8.
Here's John, myself and my friend Mindy as a flapper.

I made my black swan costume by gluing feathers and rhinestones onto a leotard and made my tutu from tulle. It was really fun and very easy. I was the only black swan at the party and at work which really surprised me.

The house was decorated, but my hanging lanterns didn't reflect the light really well. John said that I should try lining them with tin foil for next year.

We also got an uninvited Halloween guest. A black widow spider made her home in my craft room window well. My mom invited me to join her quilting club so that actually gives me a reason to clean out the craft room that hasn't been touched since the break in last September. I was going to start tonight, but the spider was creeping me out so much that I had to stop and told John that he needed to kill it. I guess his parents' house gets a lot of black widows so he knows the best way to kill them. Out he went with a can of WD40 and a box of matches and fried Ms. Spider to a crisp.
The little fuzziness on the inside of the window is wood splinters from where the molding had to be pulled off to install the new window. Like I said, the room hasn't been touched.

Halloween was pretty fun this year, but I'm glad it only comes once a year. It's a lot of work to get all that dressed up.