Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mailbox = love

We have finished the mailbox and for once I helped more than my normal "helping" which is to just stand around and wait for John to tell me to go get something. I put the post together and screwed on the mailbox stand part while John spray painted the mailbox black. Then John put on the actual mailbox and I held the address plate while he screwed it on. See I can be useful when I put my mind to it :)

This new mailbox is much thicker than the old one so maybe I'll actually see it and wont back into it with my car. Its also on the other side of the driveway for two reasons A) Our neighbors park in front of the old one and B) I want to plant flowers under it eventually, but first we have to add some sprinklers to the parking strip.



John's back at Lowe's for the 3rd trip today trying to get the faucet on, the first trip wasn't even needed, boy did that make him mad :) his goal is to get it done tonight so he can fix the swamp cooler tomorrow.

The joys of owning a house

So I have been saving up to buy a new front door, which is a hard task for me but I thought that I'd appreciate the door more if I had to work for it. I'm not very good at saving money, I just like to spend it :) Well I've been saving since February and I finally had enough to buy the new door! YAY! So John and I went to Lowe's Friday night to buy it and the new hardware. While we were there John decided that we needed to buy other things for stuff we've been wanting to do for awhile. So by the time we left Lowe's we had bought: a new door, hardware for that door and to replace the knob on the back door, a new mail box and a faucet for the bathroom. I was happy to buy all the stuff but I'm putting it in writing that it was John's idea to get enough stuff for 3 weekend projects.

This is a picture of the pile of projects in our living room.

Well the new door went up Saturday and my father in law came over to paint. (He told us he was going to and we didn't have a choice) it still needs one more coat of paint and the weather stripping put up but it looks so nice!

Here are the before pictures:

And here are the after:

We also put in the new post for the mail box Saturday but I'm waiting to put up pictures when it's all done. Right now John is working hard to put in the new faucet, so far only two swear words have been said :) yay for him!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new couch

Well I finally convinced John that it was time to buy a new couch for downstairs. The one we have is alright, but its old and the buttons "bite" you every time you move and we just need more places to sit when friends come over!

I think we sat on every sectional available at RC Willey, we wanted something comfortable but still nice and I HATE sectionals so it had to be something I could stand looking at. Why a sectional then, you ask? Because we really couldn't do a couch and love seat, the room is too narrow for that.

This is the couch we have now (this picture was taken when we first moved into our house):

And this is the couch/sectional we bought:

Its so comfortable! The few differences are there isn't going to be the corner and chair part just the chaise lounge and couch. (We wanted to do the corner and chair but it added a whole lot to the bill so we decided against it. Maybe later down the road we'll get the chair that goes with the set.)The color is different than the one in the picture, its called chocolate which is a dark brown and we got the ottoman to go with it.

We have to wait 4 - 6 weeks since its a special order, i'll post pictures when its in our basement taking up the whole wall :)

We also got a coupon in the mail for this nice wall clock for $5, John hung it up but I didn't get a picture of it. It chimes and everything!

And a DVD player and the DVD Mall Cop for $10. I love deals :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sophi had me worried sick!

So this morning around 7:45 I realize that I cant find my cat. Usually she stays in the same room that John and I are in but this morning she wasn't on her usual perch on the toilet while I dry my hair.

I hurried and finished getting ready for work and then searched the house for her, I could find her anywhere and it hit me, she might have gotten outside at 5:30 when Enna and I were trying to come back in from Enna's potty time. I was having a hard time closing the door and the blinds were getting in the way so I thought she must have gotten past my foot in the ciaos of it all. (If you have never had to fight with a sliding glass door, a wiggly puppy, and the most retarded blinds in the world while keeping a cat in the house, you dont know what ciaos I'm referring to)

I think all the blood left my body, Sophi has never been outside by herself before, she doesn't have front claws and the neighborhood cats aren't very nice to each other. I walked up and down our street calling her name and trying not to cry but she didn't come, I even walked to 4800 South because I was worried that she might have gotten hit by a car. I was an hour late for work by this point and I needed to leave so I asked Ben, John's brother, to look around for her when he came to let Enna out. Him and my dad walked around my neighborhood looking for her and they didn't find her either.
By this point I was in a panic, of course everyone was saying "she's fine" "she'll come home" but I always seem to think negatively. This isn't Homeward Bound, she's never been outside our yard, how will she know how to come home?

I text Ben asking if he'd check the house again when he came back from work, she likes to climb in things and get stuck. She was stuck in our bedroom closet last month for two hours because John didn't notice she was in there and closed the door and she use to climb in the space between the upstairs and downstairs until I made John block it off. I told Ben to open all the cabinets because she crawls in them if we leave them open too long.

Ben called me at work at 1:30 telling me that he "found a kitty" I just started bawling, I was so glad that she was in the house and safe! I guess she crawled into the cabinet that we keep our cereal in when John got some this morning. I thought I could hear meowing this morning but I couldn't really hear over Enna's barking so I thought I was probably hearing things.

So things are better now and I can breath a sigh of relief, I dont know what I'd do if I didn't have that little fluff ball taking up the whole bed at night. Lets hope she doesn't give me another heart attack for a while now :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everyone loves Enna!

Well last night John and I took Enna over to PetsMart to make sure that the vaccination papers I got from the breeder will work for her records to get into her puppy preschool.

Of course the minute we walk in the door we're surrounded by a mob of people! Everyone wants to know what kind of dog she is, how big she'll get and where we got her.

We took her back to meet the pet trainers and to get familiar with the training area and I got the best comment ever! (the trainers also made us go to the grooming section to show her off, she sure is popular!)
The Alaskan Klee Kai is a really shy breed which follows suit with their Husky relatives so socializing is a must and I was worried that we weren't doing enough of it because Enna is still a little skitsh around new people (she is getting A LOT better at this though) but one of the trainers said that she was doing a lot better in a new situation than most Huskies she sees. I just beamed! I was so proud of little Enna. She even was trying to play with an older Golden Retriever that was like 10 times her size!

On Saturday Enna went to my parents house and played with their dog Copper. It looked like Copper was having fun but she is pretty old so she probably got sick of Enna's puppy ways.

On Sunday we went and visited my old friend Jonessa, she has a 1 1/2 year old Schnauzer named Buster. Enna finally got to play with someone closer to her age! They had a grand old time, but I think she really wore him out. She just has so much energy!

Enna is also learning some of the basics, so far she's getting sit down pretty well. It was hard at first because we couldn't do the normal "hold the treat over the dogs nose and push back" because she would just walk backwards. We had to back her into a corner so she had no choice but to sit. She picked it up REALLY quickly and within 10 minutes we could just say sit with no treat and she's sit, but it would take her a few second to realize that's what we wanted. She'd then get her treat walk around in a circle and come sit back down and cock her head to the side like, "Okay I sat again, treat time!" I cant wait for puppy preschool, I think she'll really benefit from it!