Friday, February 25, 2011

Enna's eating adventure

Enna is too smart for her own good. She knows how to open her crate door unless we Fort Knox it closed and yesterday I forgot to do just that.
I was running 15 minutes late which is really unusual for me so I rushed to lock the dogs up and leave for work. I thought nothing of it until John called me at 4:30. Enna had got out of her crate and had a hay day with my night stand.

I store too many things on it including Tums, candy and hydrocodizone which Enna decided sounded delicious.
From what I can remember of the quantities we figure she ate 4 chocolate covered macadamia nut kisses, 10 Tums and about 105 mg of hydrocordizone. Of course instead of calling the vet first John calls me and has me call the vet.
My main vet says that she'll need to be rushed to the ER and get put on liquids STAT. I call the ER place and they say to bring her in right away and they'll try to make her vomit it all up, but if that doesn't work she'll have to be hospitalized for 3 days and be on IVs. All I could think about were dollar signs and how it would be all my fault if anything happened to her.

Luckily at the vet she vomited up all the crap she ate and the vet thinks it was most of the really harmful stuff from the wrappers and colors.
When she was brought back into the room to us she looked so miserable. The very tall vet was cradling her under her front legs with her back legs resting on his hip and her eyes were all squinty and sad. I have to admit that I giggled a little at how cute the scene was.

Right now she's with my brother-in-law just as a precaution, but I'm sure she's fine. She never showed any signs of not feeling good (except after being made to vomit) and this morning she was very excited to be in the car heading to my in-laws. She didn't quite understand when I handed over the leash to Ben and started walking to my car. She started to follow me back out of the house and looked questioningly at Ben when he picked her up.

In the end I'm just glad that she isn't a destroyer like Makoa (who's actually got better with chewing and he didn't get out yesterday even though I forgot to extra-lock his crate too) and didn't get a hold of my shoes. You'd think I'd learn my lesson and put my shoes away with how many have been ruined, but no, I still leave them in a pile by our bedroom door.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have an obsession with skeletons so when John and I ran into this shop at the tattoo convention I had to buy one of their beauties.
I finally settled upon this gorgeous creature.

I had a really hard time narrowing it down, but price really helped :) The girl I really wanted looked similar to this one except she was blue, much taller and $350. This little red girl was $65. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of her, but the lighting in this room sucks.
I'm sure I'll be buying more of their beautiful creations throughout the years.

My parents brought this cute bride and groom back for us from New Mexico.
I had it sitting on an end table and one day Enna got a hold of it when she was a puppy and John wasn't watching her. The little guy's hat is missing, the bride's arm gone and the base chewed. When we went to Mexico I tried to find another tiny one to replace it, but I couldn't find one. I love how tiny this one is and the cute bouque the bride has.

I'm sure I've surprised a few of you with my little obsession :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm buying for a dog that isn't even born yet

I'm already looking for things for the new puppy. The new puppy that isn't even part of the world yet. Is that sad and pathetic?

I've found the perfect bed for the little fella
He won't be crate trained so we'll have the lovely task of working out night time potties for the first little while, but this bed will fit fantastically in the unused corner of our bedroom between the dresser and my night stand.

I'm not really enjoying collar shopping though. I'm drawn to the cute and girly and with a boy dog who's suppose to be scary I have to avoid those. I'm trying to stay away from spiked collars so these are the ones I'm liking so far. Are they too girly? If you saw any of these on a dog would you think it was a boy or girl? Am I concerning myself too much with this?

This type of collar is called a Martingale and it's the kind I want, all the above collars can be made like this style and come from Nola & Spencer, an etsy site.

ID tags are very important, it's like icing on the cake and with all the styles out there I don't think I'll be able to norrow it down any time soon. There's always the Red Dingo ones that Enna and Makoa have now, but I think I want something different. 

These are the three that I'm liking right now, but I'll probably change my mind in the next few months.
This one is so freaking adorable, but not really manly man dogish so I just might have to buy it for Enna.

All these tags are off of etsy, have you noticed that last year Amazon was my store of choice and now I've changed direction.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For about 6 years I never wore earrings, then I got my second holes pierced and had to wear earrings in my first hole or it would look stupid. Then 7 months later I pierced a 3rd hole on my left ear on a whim because I was bored.
For my sister's birthday we go to lunch and shopping every year and she said that I had to get my cartilage pierced this year on our shopping trip.

Because of this new found love of holes in my head and the fact that all my jewelry was stolen with our last break-in I've bought a lot of earrings lately. My new online favorite shop is etsy (where I bought John's anniversary present) and it's pretty sad that 96% of what I've bought are earrings or earring related.

As you can see, I've been all over the place in earrings.

Since my jewelry box was stolen and my dresser is getting pretty overloaded (plus Sophi has stolen one earring of two pairs) I needed to buy something to hold all these new purchases. It'll hold 70 pairs of earrings so I have lots of room to grow. :)

Go shop at etsy now! If you want any of the links to the items above let me know!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Because 3 pets just aren't enough!

John and I sent our deposit to a breeder for a puppy this morning. I promise we're not loosing our minds, this dog has a purpose...and we might be loosing our minds a little.
When your house have been broken into twice you start to think someone is in your house all the time. If I'm by myself every noise requires an investigation with a steak knife in my hand (I really need to get a hand gun!), at night I'm sure someone is standing by the bed starring at me and I'm always expecting to come home to a ransacked house.

I scared the pee out of myself the other day. I had set the alarm and shut the door to leave for work and remembered that I left an open water bottle next to my laptop, knowing that Sophi would most likely knock the bottle over onto my new computer, I unlocked the door to go back inside. The view from the door looks straight down the basement stairs where I saw someone standing. My heart beat out of my chest, my blood drained out of my body and I almost screamed until I realized that it wasn't a person, it was our ottoman turned on it's side and the vacuum cleaner in front of it. We moved everything out into the hall because we cleaned the carpet.
It took the drive to work to get my heart rate to return to normal, but this is what home burglaries do to you.

So we're getting a man eating dog to protect us. Okay, he won't be man eating, but this breed is fiercely loyal and protective of it's home and owners. They're called South African Boerboels.
 This is the father of our future puppy
They have a sixth sense about who is a good or bad person and read their owners very well. They are excellent guard dogs, not letting people they don't know into their house or yard when their owners are away or they sense danger.
After a long time searching through different guard dogs we feel like this is the dog for us. They are good with other pets when raised with them, excellent with children (which my dogs really aren't) and a good size to scare off the creepers.

The puppies aren't born yet, they should be around mid-March and able to come home mid-May. We'd like a male so if none are born or others are higher on the list then we'll be moved to the next litter.
April, May and June are going to be pretty busy for us. I'm going to visit Dana in Cali with Enna the beginning of April, Enna should be going into heat the end of April and we'll try breeding her again, May will pick up a puppy if everything works out and June Enna should be having her litter of puppies. Don't worry, I've already started to give myself anxiety over the whole situation. I'm trying to tell myself to be calm and that everything will work out the way it's suppose to. Cross your fingers for us!

John says he doesn't want to live in a zoo, little does he know I'm getting my way slowly but surely :) Soon we'll have a tank full of fish, 3 dogs, 1 cat (which I plan to add to) and my secret surprise pet that he agreed to. Shhhh, don't tell him I'm an evil genius.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I love that others actually love my dogs as much as we do!

We took the dogs to Petsmart to be boarded overnight for the super bowl so they wouldn't be in the way. They love Petsmart and Petsmart loves them. The employees freak out when I call and throw a party when we show up.

I love how they give us little report cards after the stay to say how well they did:
Makoa is loved by all at Petsmart, I wish the same could be said when people actually come to our house. I promise he is actually a sweet, little boy. Enna doesn't play as much when she goes but she loves to follow Makoa around. The reports are always what I look forward to the most, oh and the howling, barking and licks I'm greeted with when I pick up the dogs.

My one problem with Petsmart: they charge an arm, leg and your first born to board a dog, boarding two is almost as much as open heart surgery. If you want your dogs to be able to actually play with other dogs and not be stuck in crates all day is almost as much as buying the hospital after you pay for your open heart surgery. My point is that it's pretty pricey, but I don't have many options with Enna not being spayed.Most places won't let her play with other dogs or come at all. It's like other boarding kennels think she has the plague.

I was joking with John about how it's going to be crazy expensive boarding 3 dogs when we go on our planned trip to Alaska next year with our families. I said that it would be cheaper to fly Dana out to watch our babies, I was joking at first until I calculated how much it would be for 2 weeks. Yeah, if Dana can get the time off, she's coming out to house sit!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And that's a wrap!

It's good to have plans for lots of people coming over because things actually get done. I love it! Too bad I have to get back to cleaning so I can't sit and enjoy it. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

To hold over the masses until I get a better picture

Here's the tank!
The bar is scattered with tools, paint cans and water bottles so until I clean it off this is all you get. But doesn't it look great? John has worked so hard on it the past few days. It's not totally complete yet since it still needs some molding pieces put in place.
This last week we've been in a rush to get our family room in order for our super bowl party and that usually means we don't get to bed until late, but we're almost done!
Tonight we're working on stripping the paint line that was left by the previous owners on the brick. They didn't tape off the brick on the fireplace while painting the molding and since we changed out the molding you can really see the line.
It's not too hard to strip it off (we did the other side last night) with the chemicals we bought, but it's sure time consuming and smelly.

I promise I'll get more pictures up once the bar is cleaned off.