Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was the complete opposite of crappy, terrible, not so good 2012. I'm actually going to miss this year and I'd like it to hang on for just a little while longer.

To start off with, lets see if we actually did anything on the list I made at the end of 2012

•swamp cooler off the house and skylight put in - this wasn't done, but for sure will be in 2014 since we have to put a new roof on the house. I'm sad to say that a new roof, fascia, soffit and rain gutter will be our "big trip" next year, but a shouldn't complain about a roof over my head.

•backyard garden worked on - If this was done it was very minamal. Working two jobs and teaching a quilting class took a toll on me and since I didn't quit that second job until September I didn't really have time or energy for the garden. In fact, I didn't even weed it before the snow hit.

•seamless rain gutters installed - this will also be done when the new roof is installed...I hope

•fish tank done!!!!! - this is done! not very many fish in it yet, but hey it has water! It's not really up to the standard I'd like because we just haven't had to money I'd like to put into it. Maybe 2014 will help make it nicer.

•vacation to NYC - One of the bests trips I've ever been on. I'll be back for sure!

•craft room re-modeled - I thought I was just dreaming on this bullet point, but it actually came to be. The room is complete, but we slowed on buying furniture since money is now going into my new car fund. Luckily John is building most of the furniture so really I just won't have my main storage cabinet or the recliner chair for a while. I have moved back in and loving the space.

 Some other amazing things that I have loved about 2013:
  • Winston joining us downstairs for the first time after getting his gold beads put in. 

  • Starting and teaching a quilting class with some girls I work with. This has really been a blast and I think it would be a dream come true to keep doing it! Our "Block of the Month" is almost over so I'll see if they want to start up again. 

  • John installing cubbies and remodeling our coat closet. I really do think that this is one of my favorite renos and it was the cheapest thing that no one ever sees. It just looks so organized! 

  • I hit my 5 year mark at my current job and I don't have any plans on leaving. 

  • As of December 15th, John and I have been married for 6 years. 6 wonderful, amazing, glorious years. We did a quiet celebration this year since my car started to crap out on us (see above about craft room furniture). We saw Elf the Muscial, only because I bought tickets a couple months ago. We saw the movie About Time, which has now sky rocketed to the top of my favorite romantic comedy films. And we had dinner at Brio, which even though its not our usual fancy feast we still walked away very full, very happy and about $100 poorer. We both agreed on no gifts, but being with each other was gift enough (is that dripping in enough cheese for you?) 

Here's what I hope 2014 brings for us:
  • New roof and everything that goes with it! 
  • New car for me 
  • A smallish trip, anywhere will do. 
  • More remodeling because I just can't get enough and I already have some ideas!
  • And just because last year I added a pipe dream and it came true - convince John to hire a maid. 
I tip my hat to a new year and new adventures! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Craft room so far

We've come a long way in the craft room, I'm at the point where I could move somewhat back in to work.
John installed the pocket door kit a while ago and he does have the door made, but not hung yet.

Because John had to replace a piece of sheet rock around the duct work he mudded the rest of the duct work area to make it smooth so he wouldn't have to match the texture. So then over the next few weeks he mudded and sanded and mudded and sanded. This was something I couldn't help with since he's much more of a perfectionist than me. I would have considered it done long before he did, but all of his hard work paid off with a picture perfect smooth surface. 

He also turned two of the outlets into four outlets so I'll never have to unplug anything while working. 
We then repainted the ceiling white and started on the walls. It was then time for the stencil which took a fair amount of time since I decided to do it all by hand. I'm crazy, I know.
The pattern is really hard to capture on camera with the temporary lighting we have now, but I ordered the new light and we should have it by next week. I hope I can get a better picture of the stencil pattern after we install it. 
I still need to finish the stencil around the edges of the wall, but the novelty has wore off and I need to work up the motivation to get it done. 

John had a cabinet he had built at work, but wasn't need for a job so he brought it home last year. It has been sitting in the guest room waiting for us to start on the craft room. John installed it early last week and finished laying the floor Saturday evening so our next step is the molding. 

Now it's just time for finishing touches. John made the counter top for the cabinets with a matching top for the new desk he's working on. He also is working on a cutting table for me when he's done with everything else. 
The next post about the craft room will be when it's all done and everything is bought! That could be a while since the cabinet from Ikea and the recliner chair from Overstock will set me back a few pennies and I need to save for them. Until next time!