About the (never mentioned) cat

Sophi is the name of our first pet together. I begged John for a kitten before we even got married and since his co-worker's cat just had kittens he let me have one. I didn't pick the name, the little 3 year old boy did, he told me that the 3 girl kittens were named after his girlfriends (the one boy kitten is the one I wanted, but they were keeping him, was named Lightening McQueen) and when I was walking out the door with Sophi he started crying. I felt like a big old meanie and kept the name.
It was after we brought her home that I was informed that she was chucked against a dresser by a small child and brought back to life with CPR. I think from the time she was knocked out to the time she was brought back to life is when the devil possessed her soul.
 She was the cutest kitten. I guess the devil makes them extra cute so you won't suspect the evil that's brewing.

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