Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dog sitting

Well my two weeks of dog sitting are coming to an end. We've had lots of fun and excitement and I think Enna's going to miss Kumo when Dana comes to pick him up.

I ended the stay with a bath for both dogs. Enna went first and as always just stood there licking my hand until I was done.
Next came Kumo, he did really well considering he's not a huge fan of water. I'll I had to do was keep a hand on him and he stayed in the tub, but he did make a ton of grunts and sounds I've never heard before. I wish John wasn't at work so he could have recorded a video of it, it was so funny!

I also have the funniest video of Enna and Kumo playing but its on John's phone and its too big to email so I'm not sure how to get it off...if we figure it out I'll put it up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My lawn, my lawn, my lawn is on fire!

This is what we came home to Thursday night.

I guess our neighbor's trees behind us knocked down a power line and it set our grass on fire. Don't worry though our neighbor next to us said she stood in her backyard with the hose ready to put the fire out if it got worse.

We didn't have power all night, the live wire sat in our yard until the power company decided to come fix it friday afternoon and now we have a huge burn spot in our grass...nice!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My new job

I bet some of you are thinking "FINALLY!" Sorry all! I was waiting for some news before I made a post on my new job.

I work for a place called Nelson Labs, I'm one of 4 receptionist with me being the only full time one (right now one girl is on maternity leave).
I was very lucky that I got this job. I was laid off June 11th from Wasatch Cabinet because business is very slow for them right now. I was devastated, I really thought I had at least SOME job security.

I started looking for a new job right away and had been to two interviews before Sheryl called me on June 19th. She works for a temp agency and said that Nelson Labs was looking for a temp to hire receptionist and her aunt, a dear family friend of mine, said that I would probably be interested. I went to an interview with Areotek (the temp agency) at 4 that day and then was sent to Nelson Labs for an interview on the 22nd. I was then called in for a "shadowing interview" on the 23rd where I impressed one of the receptionist by handling 2 calls at once on their computer operated phones, she gave me a thumbs up and said she'd put in a good word for me. I was then called on the 24th and asked if I'd come in to work in a few hours. A very quick process and I was only laid off for a week and a half! Not even long enough to collect unemployment!

From day one I liked it at Nelson, the girls I work with are friendly, nice and chatty (just like me!) and the owners really try hard to make it a nice work environment. Since I've been here they've done a few fun things, like a watermelon eating contest, ice cream on the 24th of July and they're having a Bee's baseball game sometime this month. They also pop movie theatre style popcorn every day and you know that just makes you the bee's knees in my book!
So now to the really good news. On Monday I was made a permanent employee at Nelson and asked to be the supervisor over the reception team. I have a few things I have to do before I can be supervisor, but its a great opportunity and I'm very grateful.

There are a few things I still miss about Wasatch. I miss that it was a small company and I knew everyone, I miss not having to work Fridays, I miss our lunch time chats and joking with Mike and Steve while copying jobs, and I miss the sales reps from other companies, but in the end it was a good thing I got laid off (just like my dad said it would be :)). I got a really good raise (and who can complain about more money?) and an opportunity that I wouldn't have received if I stayed at Wasatch.

I am forever grateful to Luanne, Jonessa and Sheryl , without them thinking of me for this position...well...I wouldn't be here! They saved me and now I'm going to work my hardest to give them a good name!