Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardening time!

So I'm too excited to wait until I get the flowers to post so I'm going to do it now :)
I LOVE flowers, gardening and working in the dirt, I think I get this from my mom. When we moved into our house the garden was just dirt, this made me so happy! It meant that I can do what I want flower wise!

see how boring it looks!!! Well in the fall I planted bulbs so we could enjoy spring flowers, I have the worst patience ever so when I planted them I wanted winter to end quickly so I could see my flowers. Luckily winter didn't seem as long as it usually does!

I think I helped winter pass quicker because I got every catalog I could find on flowers sent to my house :) I would sit on our living room floor for hours while I poured over the catalogs, drooling over the flowers and cutting out pictures. I finally decided on what flowers to get and with the cut out pictures I would lay them on the floor where they were going to go in the garden and just stare at them and smile (just imagine how many catalogs I had if I could make a garden out of pictures!).

It seems like every day I would go to the flower websites and I just couldn't wait until I could place the order!
Finally the day came! Its warm enough to plant and for me not to freeze to death while doing so.
I ordered from two separate companies so I could get all the flowers I wanted and get a good deal too.

Some of the flowers i ordered from are:

Specie Lilies - Scarlet Delight. They remind me of bigger, longer blooming star grazer lilies.
They'll go under the bedroom window in the back of the flower bed since they get 48" - 60" tall. They bloom from May to August.

Next to them will be the Pam's Choice Foxglove, a must have for me since I love foxgloves, but it needs to go in the back of the bed because its poisonous to pets.they grow 36" - 48" and bloom May to June.

Another cool flower thats coming from them is the Astrantia "Moulin Rouge" , I think its really cool looking and it attracts humming birds and butterflies.

It grows 16" - 18" and blooms June through September.
I got such a good deal from, half off my entire order which is good cause I would have spent a butt load if I didn't have that offer!

I also used, they were a lot cheaper than dutchbulbs so I bought more stuff through them.
Some of the flowers I bought from them are:
The Scabiosa "Butterfly Blue", my mom has a species of them in her garden and I love them.They grow12'' - 18" and bloom April to Frost

Red Turk's Cap lilies, I needed some red and John likes liliesThe grow 24" to 30" and bloom June through August.

Also an Ice Plant in Lavender and yellow for some short flowers in the front, the lavender ones were pretty pricey because of their long blooming season but I think it was worth it.
The lavender ones grow about 2" - 3" and bloom from May to September and the yellows bloom in the summer.
When I bought from direct gardening I got a ton of plants for free, of course they're not ones that I wanted and they have to be dug up in the fall because they wont winter over in Utah.

Those are only a tiny bit of what I ordered, this would be the longest post ever if I listed everything! :)

We also bought some soil from a local company called Bio Grass so we're going to dig out the old gross, rocky dirt and put in nice new soil. Looks like my weekend is cut out for me huh?!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our new puppy!

Well we got our new puppy, Enna (eee-na), Sunday the 19th at 12:15 PM.
She took the plane ride well and fell asleep on my lap on the way home.
Once home she bounded around the backyard and was full of energy! She would pounce on the leaves and eat all the sticks!
Then it came time to introduce her to Sophi, John let Sophi out of the house and Sophi stopped dead in her tracks when she saw that we brought home another creature. Enna snuck up to her until she was about 2 feet away and then promptly turned around and ran away with her tail between her legs crying. The second meeting went a little better since I picked Enna up and John had Sophi, just some hissing on Sophi's part.
My family came over later that evening to see little Enna, of course she showed off her cuteness and pranced around, but she was still a little skitish from everything being new and wouldn't come near them and would run away if they came close (I also think she thought of it as one big game)

I took the week off to help Enna adjust to her new schedule and get a start on potty training. She's such a good puppy! At night when we put her in her crate for bed she whines for a few minutes and then sleeps through the night and doesn't make a sound until John or I get up the next morning.
Last week I would get up with John at 5, take her out to potty and then let her run around and eat breakfast until John left for work. Then it was back into the crate so I could sleep a couple more hours! She was really good, but would start to get bored around 7:30 and start chewing on her crate, luckily it was something I could sleep through.
She then got to spend the rest of the day with me playing, starting to learn her new commands (she hears "drop it!" a lot!) and chasing the cat. (she thinks this is a blast, Sophi on the other hand hates it!)

Everywhere we go with her we get a mob around us! Of course she's just so cute that people just flock to her, its fun to tell people what breed she is and all the breed. I think she likes the attention too :)

I have one more week to get through before I sleep through the night and stop worrying because then I'll know that she's safe from getting Parvo from the house/yard, but so far she's doing great and being her puppy self!

Puppy preschool starts May 10th and we're looking forward to it! She's still a little Skitish around new people but not nearly as bad as she was Sunday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogs I love to stock

Of course I stock all of my friends blogs because I love to know whats going on in their lives but I also have a few blogs I visit on a regular basis and I dont know the creator. : this is just so funny once you get past the weird LOL speak. It can even make me "LOL" on occasion. I also visit their other sites from that page; LOL Dogs, LOL Celebs, LOL News (thats how I get up to date on politics) Nastalgic Win, Fail Blog (I HATE when people say "epic fail" it is not cool to quote a blog) and Engrish. : A blog about cakes, whats not to love? : All about the cutest animals ever! Its how I get my fill of kittens without having a house full of them! Just looking at this blog will melt your heart and make you say "AWWW!"

Also here is a picture of the Easter cake I made for my family and no it doesn't belong on cake wrecks cause its super cute!
P.S. its a bunny if you cant tell :)

And just to show you that my sister and I are totally alike, here she is pulling a face. Isn't she just a doll?
And yes I do know that this post is all over the place, but so is my brain so its okay, no I dont need to see a doctor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My cat is famous!

So this morning I tear off my daily calendar page and who do I see? My little cat Sophi! When the crap did she start a modeling career? I'm a little on the shocked side! okay so its not really her, but its pretty darn close!

Also John and I went to the Wise Guys night of fools last night, it was to help donate to the Utah Food Bank so we just had to bring a bag of food to get in. It was so much fun. Big Buddha from Fox 13 was the MC and a ton of comics that got started in Utah performed. It was great getting made fun about how we drive, how everyone is mormon (the call ones who aren't "no-mos") and how we're like the whitest state in is U.S.
The club does have a weird rule where you HAVE to buy one thing off their menu...who's does that? I found that rather odd but at least the stuff wasn't too badly priced. But John and I plan on going more because we had such a great time. Thursday and Sunday 4 people in your group get in free and Fridays and Saturdays 2 get in for the price of one. Like I said we plan on going more so let me know if you ever want to come with!