Friday, February 26, 2010

25 things

you may or may not know about me...intriguing I know!

1. I'm only a morning person if I'm not woken by an alarm clock
2. I never thought I'd get married so young
3. I have a REALLY hard time with change, it usually gives me anxiety attacks
4. The only change that didn't give me anxiety was marrying John, must mean it's meant to be
5. If I had my way, our house would be a zoo
6. I love watching the shopping channel
7. I hate 95% of veggies
8. because of #7, I only do flower gardens
9. I love to sew when I'm not under pressure
10. I hate feeling rushed, yet I always procrastinate
11. Most of the people that know my mom say, "you look just like your mom!" the first time I meet them.
12. I dont mind being short until it comes time to buy pants and long dresses
13. being late is a HUGE pet peeve of mine
14. I wont go to a movie if its already started even if it's just the previews
15. my cell phone is rarely off vibrate
16. I am a shopaholic
17. One of my deepest fears is that I'll run into a sliding glass door at the grocery store
18. it's awful, but I love gossip
19. I'd rather see a comedy than a romantic flick any day
20. When I get old I want a motor home with a map of the U.S. on the side so I can stick stickers of all the states I've been to on it.
21. I want to travel the world before I die and hopefully do a lot of it before kids come
22. I love being by long as its not for really long periods of time
23. I like to make up little songs and dances while I do things
24. I hate driving, especially if it's somewhere new that I've never been
25. I had the hardest time thinking of 25 things!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A glimpse into my mind

Friday John and I went to see Sherlock Holmes (we're so behind on movies lately) and my sister called me in the middle of it. For the first time ever I didn't answer my phone because I didn't want to miss the movie. Of course my imagination started going to work.

First off you have to understand that my sister NEVER calls me, its only texts between me and her so I started thinking that there was a problem.
My imagination then pictures that there was a fire at my house and the alarm company called my dad, who told my sister, who called me. Then I picture myself sitting on my front lawn bawling because my pets are dead.
Then I think to myself, that wouldn't happen, the alarm company would call John first and then me and then my dad if no one answered and my dad wouldn't have my sister call! so my brain rests for a minute.

Then I start thinking that Mary has been kidnapped and the abductor allowed her one phone call so she called me knowing that I always answer my phone. Now her life is in jeopardy since I let it go to voicemail!

After the movie I rush to call her and she doesn't answer so of course I have a mini panic attack. Then I calm myself down by telling myself that if it was an emergency she would have left a voicemail.

About 45 minutes later I get a hold of her, all she wanted was her friend to say a word to me that she says funny.

Why cant I be normal?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

warm weather

Our cruise is a week away and with all this drizzily weather I had to check what the weather should be like in Mexico.

In the 70's the whole time, can you say Heaven? Time to pull out the tank tops, shorts, sundresses and flip flops!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

before & after

Its been a year and a half since we first moved into our house and since the basement hallway is done it's the perfect time to show befores and afters.

This is a perfect example of "don't judge a book by it's cover". When my Realtor sent me a link to this house it had no inside pictures, all I had to go on was this picture:
I really wasn't sure about it, but we had gone to so many houses and we'd seen a lot of crappy insides with gourgous outsides so we gave it a chance.

Let's start in the first room we saw when we walked into the house for the first time. These are the only pictures my mom took of the kitchen so we dont have much to go from:
This is the water pipe that hooks to the fridge, only my mom knows why she took this picture.

Pretty spectacular huh? ;)
Well here's what it looks like now:

It's kinda a weird set up, if we stay in the house we would like to extend the back of the house out 10 feet to make the kitchen bigger, also add on a master bath and walk in closet.

We loved the backyard the minute we saw it. The house sits on almost a quarter acre so we have plenty of room for the dogs to run and future kids to play.
This was how the backyard looked when we moved in:

Not much has changed except we ripped out that stupid bush.

Next is the living room, again I dont have a lot of before pictures but we haven't done much changing. We had the hardwoods refinished before we moved in and changed the front door last May.

I love the new front door, it really changed the front of the house and lets so much light in the room.

Next is the bathroom, I feel like we changed a lot in the this room.

All the silver fixtures were changed to oil rubbed bronze and the color on the walls is chimney sweep. Love it!

Next is the bedroom, no before pictures here but it was the same color as the kitchen and living room. We painted it blue, obviously, and added crown molding.

Today I got bored and painted the closet doors, they still need another coat of paint but I'm liking the white a lot more than the ugly brown.

Now down the the basement, you remember the new hallway right? well off to the right of that fantastic hallway is our family room.
It was blah, baige and boring.
Now its green and fabulous.

(i'm not sure why the wall color in these last two pictures looks like baby poop green, the first picture is more true to color)
Future plans for this room include: new lighting, surround sound and a wet bar/fish tank along the opposite wall of the fireplace.

Well that's really all the work we've done so far, all the other bedrooms and bathroom in the house have basically gone untouched).
This year most of our attention will be focused outside, our list of plans are:
extend the driveway over to our property line with either rock or cement, new rain gutters, painting all the trim white, and take out that stupid rock in the parking strip and put in grass and extend the sprinklers to it. John thinks that it wont cost a whole lot of money but we'll let the reciepts do the talking.

Friday, February 19, 2010

another one

Now it's Makoa's turn to get older, today he turns one.
I wish we would have gotten him from the time he was 8 weeks old because he was just so darn cute, but I'm glad we have him now.

We weren't planning on getting another dog for a while but when we saw his cute face we couldn't resist. He's such a gorgeous dog with a great personality it's hard not to love him.
Being off leash meeting new friends is when he's the happiest. He gets the biggest puppy smile and it melts my heart.

He's a really smart guy and picks up stuff really quickly (after we finally switched him over from the german language). Training is where he and Enna differ greatly, Enna gets so excited she can't even hold still when we tell her to do things, Makoa does exactly what we tell him to do calmy and slowly.
Its fun having two dogs and seeing their different personalities and even with the hiccups that Makoa has caused in our life we wouldn't give him up. He's really starting to develop into a well rounded dog, he's just taking his time at it.
Here's to a long and healthy life buddy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Called to serve

Yesterday my cousin, Jourdan, got his mission call so my mom, sister, John and I drove up to Layton to hear him read where he was going.
Jourdan is the first in my family to go on his mission since he's the second oldest, it was really fun to be there.

When we got there my aunt had us guess where he was going and stick it on a map. John guessed Guatemala after much debate, if he had his way he would have guessed like 12 different places. I guess Lima, Peru, my mom guess Brazil, and my sister guessed Sidney, Australia.
You can tell that Jourdan is my cousin since he also cant be serious in pictures.

Mary and I before Jourdan read his call.

I dont think we could have shoved more people into that house when it came time for Jourdan to announce where he's going. There were many friends and family members that came to hear the exciting news!
Jourdan just before he read his call

So where is he going? Tallahassee, Florida Eniglish speaking!

I'm very proud of my cousin for choosing to take this step in his life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few bad eggs

Excuse me while I stand on my soap box for a minute here.

Just so everyone knows, Utah is NOT dog friendly. Almost every canyon around us is water shed, dogs aren't allowed and we have very few off leash areas. The ones we do have are just awful, tiny little squares with no shade.
The one and only canyon that dogs are allowed is Millcreek. Now because a few people aren't following the leash laws (dogs off leash only on odd days, clean up after your dog and have voice control over them at all times) it's spoiling it for the ones that do follow the laws.

My friend, Jonessa, sent me this KSL link and now I think I'll be mad the rest of the day. Come on dog owners! Take responsiblity of your dogs!! How hard is it to carry around little doggie bags and pick up poop? its not the most fun ever but that's what you do when you have a dog!

If Millcreek is taken away from us (good) dog owners than I'll be spitting fire!

Okay, I'll put my soap box away for now, but if I see you in Millcreek not obeying the laws I'll punch you in the nose!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

grow my pretties, grow!

This is the time in Winter when I get depressed. It's still bitter cold out, we hardly get any snow and the spring flowers haven't decided it's warm enough to come out of the ground. So to help with my winter blues I planted flowers indoors! I needed some green to brighten my mood!
Of course I cant be like any other normal person and buy seeds at the store, no way, that would be too easy! So I bought some on and got some amazing deals and some cool flowers.

These little sprouts are Cosmos.

I didn't buy them, they were given to me as an incentive to buy more crap out of a gardening magazine.

Cosmos are Annuals, meaning that they wont come back next year, and they supposedly grow 3 - 6 feet tall.

These Little guys are Deep Red Pincushion flowers.

I have some purple ones in my garden now and I love them! I'm told that these are annuals but I'm crossing my fingers that they'll come back next year! They grow 30 inches tall and bloom from summer to fall.
The small portion after the white stick are Blanket Flowers. I got some live plant Blanket Flowers last year, but because my garden is used as the neighborhood litter box (something I'm trying to fix!) they didn't survive. So I went with seeds this time, they seem to be doing well so lets hope they do well once moved to the garden.
They're a perennial, meaning they'll come back yearly, and grow 18 - 36 inches tall.
These next fellas haven't decided that it's cool to grow yet, but they're Clematis.

Two kinds to be exact, a Blue Bird macropetala Clematis and a Vanilla Scented Clematis. They're both perennials and a vining flower. I want to put them on a grid that I'm wrapping around the drain pipe on the house and around the mail box once we get the sprinkling system put in. I'm mixing the two together because the Blue bird blooms from June through September and the Vanilla is June through July.
The ones that are sprouting are more Blanket Flowers.

Some other flowers seeds I have but haven't planted yet are:
Dahlias - 16 to 20 inches and an annual

Drama Queen Poppies - 2 - 3 feet and a re-seeding annual, I hope that means I'll have them in my garden next year, they're such striking flowers!

I was also given 50 seeds of a mix of poppies as a free gift, I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I believe they're annuals also.

I will have flowers coming out my ears soon so when the time comes I'll sell the ones that I don't plant.
If anyone is interested in buying any of the flowers above, let me know! I'm thinking I'll sell them for $3 - $5.