Saturday, July 5, 2014

Craft room closet

So the poor craft room closet had been sitting in limbo since John had finished the room. Everything had been emptied out of it and was living in the guest room, until it flooded. Then everything went back into my craft room. I was not pleased! I had absolutely no floor space which meant laying out my quilt designs was almost impossible.
This may not look too bad, but the open floor you can see is all I had. Everything outside the shot is where furniture sits. 

After I lite a fire under him he put the last shelf in this morning. The closet is under the stairs and mostly holds holiday decor with a few odds and ends of overflow from upcoming craft projects.
First off, John put in rods to hold up the wrapping paper, I can also string up my wrapping ribbon, which I haven't done yet. 
 He also put up shelves under the stairs to hold all my holiday decor from Wood Connection.

 Some of them were a little too tall so he put up another shelf to hold those ones and more that I'll most likely obtain over the years. Right now it's holding my Halloween lanterns.

 My wreaths all have a home on the walls so they don't get squished or chewed on by the cat.

 It's not a large space as you can see, Christmas lights are in the very back that you can't see and other Christmas decor in front of it. If stacked nicely we can get quite a few things in here. The folding tables and chairs also sit in that empty space.

 Right inside the pocket door are boxes that hold all other holiday decor and makes it easy for me to get to all the time. To the left, just outside the frame, is where my large craft projects get put until I use it.
Now the room is cleared out again, just in time for me to finish up two quilts that are going to the long arm quilter tomorrow. To celebrate, I bought myself a fishy friend.

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