Thursday, May 29, 2014

Basement flooding

On Sunday morning, May 18th I headed downstairs to clean out Sophi's litter box, but was surprised to find water on the floor. I called John down while I racked my brain trying to think what was leaking. I first thought it was the central air, but since we hadn't turned it on yet that was pretty impossible. Then I hoped it was the water heater because that would mean I'd get to upgrade to a tankless, but by the time that thought had come into my head John had run into the guest room. He shut off the main water to the house and figured out it was the sprinkler main by the house.

We then spent the rest of our Sunday hauling out the furniture. Unfortunately, the guest room was storing a lot of holiday decor and odds and ends that needed to go back into the unfinished closet of the craft room. My house is now cluttered with furniture and it won't be getting better any time soon.
John called his brother over to help remove the carpet and padding since it was way too heavy for me to lift up the stairs. We then sucked up the remaining lake of water on the cement with the wet vac and my little carpet cleaner.
 Then came the part I was dreading, pulling down the pine paneling that was only put up a couple years ago.
My heart ached pulling that down so John could cut out the wet sheet rock. 
 It was late into the afternoon when we finished and set up a fan to help dry out the room. 

John started fixing the sprinkling system the next day, but even that was a chore. The hole was 5 feet deep and 3 feet wide when he found the broken pipe. 

 By Tuesday he had it fixed and the water was turned back on for good. We then left the guest room alone for the rest of the week so it could really dry out. 

Saturday we bought carpet to replace the guest room, family room and our bedroom. Only the guest room was ruined and we really could have saved the carpet, but I needed a silver lining! 
Sunday we ran to Lowe's more times than I'd care to remember and spent way too much money. We also seemed to run every other errand known to man so we didn't really get started on the room until Monday. 
We made pretty good time and the guestroom got put back together by the end of the day. We also replaced the white casings with pine, something that we had been meaning to do for some time. 

John has the rest of the week off work, he's going to use the time working on the house. Replacing the builder grade molding in our bedroom with what we've used everywhere else, tear out carpet and finish the craft room closet. I will have to find someplace to put all the furniture while the carpet is being installed on June 7th, but I'm really looking forward to having the house back in order.

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